Who's Who

Senior Staff and Admin


Mr. Ian Redgrave, Head Teacher

Mrs. Karen Swain, Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs. Fiona Nichols, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Miss Amanda Boyd, Early Years Foundation Stage Lead

Mrs. Sue Livett, Writing Lead

Mrs. Karen Swain, Mathematics Lead

Miss Jo Hervey, Reading Lead



Mrs. Nikki Bennett, School Business Administrator (Mon, Tues, Fri)

Mrs. Donna Medhurst, School Business Administrator (Wed & Thurs)

Mrs. Nikki Loader, Administrative Assistant (Mon-Wed)

Mrs. Davina Burnett, Administrative Assistant (Tues-Fri am only)

Mrs. Catherine Harris, Administrative Assistant (Mon am, Thurs & Fri)

Mrs. Ceri McConville, Administrative Assistant (apprentice)

Year Group Leaders


Miss Amanda Boyd                                  -     Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs. Sally Shelley/Mrs. Natalie Shead   -     Year 1

Mrs. Dawn Jones                                     -     Year 2

Mrs. Chris Cutts                                      -     Year 3

Miss Jessica Williams                             -     Year 4 

Mrs. Elizabeth Watson                            -     Year 5

Mrs. Sue Livett                                        -     Year 6



  • Marian Vian Primary School
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  • Registered in England: Company Number 9323096
  • Registered Office: Oak Lodge Primary School,
  • Chamberlain Crescent,
  • West Wickham, Kent,BR4 0LJ