By using the 'Good Observer and Collector' guide, we carefully collected and indentified minibeasts from various habitats within the school grounds.

We all enjoyed visiting the mobile planetarium. We learned lots about space, including planets, stars and the moon. We also thought of some very interesting questions for our visitor.

We have been learning about our different types of teeth (incisors, canines and molars) and what they are used for. We had fun making models of human teeth and gums to illustrate this.

Our stomach is a very important part of our digestive system. Food that has been swallowed is churned up here broken down even further by chemicals. We had lots of fun making models of stomachs out of sandwich bags, bread and cola. We then squeezed them in and out to show how our real stomachs work.

Our learning about digestion contnued when we drew around some of our friends to make body outlines. We all then used these templates to draw the most important parts of the digestive system, label them, and write a bit about what they do.

We used our learning about electrical conductors and insulators to create a switch which we could use to turn a bulb on and off.

We investigated to see whether adding more and more wires into a circuit will cause a bulb to become, brighter, dimmer, or stay the same. We then tried to explain our findings.

As part of our Sound topic we learned about what makes a the pitch of a note change. Why is it that some notes are high and some are low? We had fun using musical instruments to help us find out that it's all to do with the type or sound waves that are made!

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