Red Class

Welcome to Red Class!

Sports Day


We've had great fun over the past few weeks practising for our first ever sports day at school.

We've been learning new skills and perfecting the ones we already have.

Here are just a few photos of what's in store for the big day.  We hope you're able to come along and cheer us on frown .

Training hard (and having fun)!



On Thursday 10th May a farm came to visit our school.


We loved looking at all the animals and finding out their names. We met some calves, goats, lambs, pigs, and chickens. We all got to hold a little chick and stroke the farm dog.


We learnt about what the animals can give us, and also what the names of the animals young are. We found it very funny when the farmer rubbed the pigs back and it made a loud snort!


Some of us spotted something small, round and brown with a hard shell in the hen's coop! Can you guess what it was?

It's a chick!

Zoo-Lab Visit  no


We have had an exciting visit from Zoo-Lab.

Look at all the amazing creatures we saw. We even got to hold and touch some of them!

How do you think they made us feel?

frown Spring is here frown


We began a new topic this term and have already learnt so much.


We went for a walk through our school grounds, hunting for signs of Spring.

Can you guess what we saw?


At the end of our walk, we visited the school allotment. We noticed some carrots growing and managed to pull one up.  It looked delicious.


In pairs we then planted sunflower seeds. What do you think a plant needs to grow? We are going to look after our seedlings and when they are nice and strong, we will be planting them around the school for everyone to enjoy!

Red Class all made a huge effort with their World Book Day costumes today. Well done!

We have had great fun playing in the snow this week!

We came in to school on Monday to find some enormous footprints leading out of our classroom. Can you guess what our topic might be this week?
This week we have had visits from different 'People Who Help Us'. The children have loved finding out about their jobs and dressing up in their uniforms.
OH NO! Look what happened to Humpty Dumpty! The children in Red Class were thinking about which 'People Who Help Us' might have been able to assist.

Welcome to Red Class!


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