Other possible activities linked to learning until Easter:

  • Read the Gingerbread Man (story on YouTube if you don't have the book)
  • Read Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey
  • Re-tell and re-write these stories
  • Bake a gingerbread man/bear and write a list of ingredients and instructions
  • Make a poster to advertise Biscuit Bear's Amazing Circus
  • Write a set of instructions on how to brush your teeth correctly
  • Write a story about a biscuit that has a life of its own
  • Design a shelter to protect Biscuit Bear/Gingerbread Man
  • Build a model (lego etc) and write a set of instructions
  • Role play a biscuit shop. Use real money to identify values of coins and make different amounts
  • If you have a tablet, download the Daisy Dinosaur or Beebot apps
Please find below some links to excellent online resources to support learning at home. These include games, stories, activities and printable resources.
Various educational websites such as Twinkl, TES and Classroom Secrets are offering free resources, that you would normally have to pay for. Please check these out. 
Please use the below PowerPoint presentations to help your child visually grasp the concepts of doubling, halving and number bonds to 10. These are topics which are due to be covered at school in the next few weeks. 
Below are the Phase 2 and 3 tricky words that the children have already been learning to read and spell. In the next couple of week, we are due to be teaching the children the Phase 4 tricky words (also below). Please help your child to recognise these words by sight and then spell them. 
Workshop documents

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