Our new RE topic is called:

“Why should we care for our world?”

Activity 1:

What does ‘caring’ mean?


-Draw or make a list of the people and things you care about.

-Write a paragraph to explain who/what you have chosen and the reason why you care about them.

Activity 2:

What would your perfect world look like?

What would you include?

What would you leave out?


-Draw and label a picture of your perfect world.

-List the things you would leave out around a picture of a dustbin.

Activity 3:

Why is it important to care for the Earth?

What will happen if we don’t?

What do you and your family do to help care for the Earth?

What else could be done to help protect the Earth?


-Have a think about the questions. You might want to discuss these with someone else at home.

-Answer the questions in full sentences and explain your thoughts.

Activity 4:

What damages the earth?


-Think about how the earth is being damaged.

-Create a poster to explain how this damage can be prevented.

Activity 5:



What do we mean by local environment?

What do we have in our local environments?

What type of things should we care about in our local environments?


-All of these people play a part in caring for our local environment:

Headteacher, teachers, staff, caretakers, Parents, students, local council, rubbish collectors, road sweepers, tree cutters, gardeners, church, police, firefighters, ambulance workers, park wardens, local businesses, local charities, environmental groups and many more!



-How do they care? What do they do?


-Create a table with 2 headings: Who helps? What do they do?

Fill in the table with your ideas.

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