History : The Romans

For the second half of the summer term we will be continuing with our Roman topic.

Activity 1:


The Roman Army: To learn about the key features of a Roman Soldier’s uniform. To design (and make) a Roman Shield.


  • Colour and label the parts of a Roman soldiers’ uniform.
  • Design and/or make a Roman soldiers’ shield.

Activity 2:

Life In Roman Britain: To know how the Romans made life in Britain more comfortable for themselves.


-Research one of the following areas:

  • Roman Baths
  • Roads and Viaducts
  • Villas and Heating
  • Water systems and Aqueducts
  • Hadrian’s Wall and Antonine Wall


  • Present your findings as a poster (include a heading, subheading, pictures and information)

Activity 3:


Mosaics: To know what a mosaic is and why Romans used them.


  • To design and make a mosaic.

Activity 4:


Entertainment: To know how people entertained themselves in Romans times.


  • Create a menu for a banquet (or better still dress up as a Roman and have your own Roman style banquet!!)
  • Play a game of ‘Tabla Lusoria’ or ‘Knucklebones’

Activity 5:


Roman Numerals: To be able to identify different Roman numerals


  • Convert Roman numerals into numbers and vice versa

Activity 6:


Religion: To learn facts about the Roman Gods.


  • To create a Top Trumps style game about the Roman Gods

Activity 7:


The Romans Leave: To know why the Romans left Britain and who invaded next.


  • To explain why the Romans left Britain.
  • To know the 3 main tribes that invaded next and where they came from.
  • Complete the end of topic quiz.

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