Our new History Topic is about the Romans.

Activity 1:

The Invasions: To learn about the spread of the Roman empire and recall key facts about the invasion of Britain.


-Answer questions about the Roman Invasion of Britain.


-Create a poster or timeline showing the spread of the Roman empire.

Activity 2:

Roman Artefacts: To identify different Roman artefacts and describe what they were used for.


-Match the Roman Artefacts to the descriptions.

Activity 3:

Why did the Romans come to Britain?


-Research why the Romans came to Britain. Create your own information sheet.

Activity 4:

The Celts – To know about The Celts and what Britain was like before Roman invasion.


-Learn about the Celts and life in Celtic Britain.


-Compare your house to a Celtic house.


-Draw a Celtic roundhouse.


-Label and colour Celtic clothing.

Activity 5:

Queen Boudicca.


-Write a news report about Queen Boudicca.


-Draw a picture of Queen Boudicca.

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