We were very lucky to have a planetarium come and visit! First we went inside the dome. Once we were inside we could see space above us and around us! We learnt all about nebulas, planets and various stars.

In Literacy we had a topic on Fantasy Worlds. We used Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak to help us learn. Take a look at the fantasy settings we created from this story!

Science experiment on absorption

This week we began learning to multiply. Have a look at how we started by making arrays! 

We are learning about China as our country of study that isn’t in Europe. We tried some Chinese food and learnt how some would be made! 😋🍚🥢

We have been measuring weight and mass! A big challenge was finding objects that are heavier than a pencil but lighter than a dictionary. 

We are so excited to be dressed up for World Book Day! Take a look at the characters we have come to school as and also the models we have made. Miss Little and Mrs McTernan are so proud of us and how enthusiastic we have been about reading!

In Literacy this week we have used the story of Five Minutes' Peace by Jilly Murphy for our learning. For those of you who don't know the story, it is about a family of elephants called Mrs Large, Lester Large, Laura Large and the baby. Mrs Large wants five minutes' peace from the children but they won't leave her alone and make a lot of mess!

We pretended to be the elephants from the Large family and asked each other questions! Here were some of our questions (and some funny answers!)...

Who do you live with?

Where is Daddy elephant? In Australia!

How do you do? I do very well.

Do you like your sister?

Why are you so messy? We were just having breakfast!

Why are the children so unpleasant? Because they make such a mess!

Why did you join Mrs Large in the bath? I wanted to get in as well!

In Science we have been learning about plants. We explored some fruits and vegetables and worked out how to tell the difference. Can you tell your grown up which plant part becomes fruit? Can you tell your grown up which plant parts are vegetables? When you next go to the supermarket, test yourself on identifying which are fruits and which are vegetables!

Our topic for History this half term is Toys. First, we looked at some of our own modern toys. Miss Little was amazed at some of the things they could do! Then we played with some toys from the past. There was a doll that is 150 years old! 

Tell your grown up...

What were toys made of in the past? What are they made of now?

What games did rich Victorian children play with? What did the poor children play with?

How are the toys from the past different to your modern toys?

Toys from the past

Modern toys

Not only does Miss Little think we are brilliant at knowing the number bonds to 10, we now know number bonds to 20! Take a look at the bonds we found by using Numicon and using what we know about bonds to 10.

As a Christmas treat we went outside for a Bushcraft session!

What we liked most about it was really the snow machine and the hot chocolate!

We also got to see the school chickens and found that they had laid an egg!

Snowing at Bushcraft!

Still image for this video

In R.E. we have been learning about Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism. We learnt about the different festivals of light that are celebrated. As well as making hand print Menorahs and writing the story of Rama and Sita, we also made our own Christingles. See if you can tell your grown up what each part of the Christingle represents!

It is now December! In the run up to Christmas we have been learning the Nativity Story. To help us remember the order of events we acted out the story using masks to help us stay in role. Miss Little thought we were very good at acting!

In our P.E. lessons outside this half term we have worked on our skills with a large ball and a small ball. We have steadied our hands to control balancing a ball and also worked on our aim when throwing underarm. Some of us thought of clever strategies to keep the ball balanced on our bat!

Balancing a ball on a bat

Still image for this video

In the Autumn term our Art topic was on Sculpture. We used natural and man-made materials to make sculptures of birds. Do you know the difference between 2D and 3D? Tell your grown up!

The photos below are from our Healthy Eating topic in D.T. It is very important to eat lots of different things that are good for us. We made Harvest Muffins which had grated apple and carrot in them. Yum!

We have used lots of equipment already to help us count and add in Maths.

At the start of the year we had a go at spelling our names. It was fun spelling them using play dough!

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