Please ensure your child does Mathletics every week.


Your child will change their books on a Monday and Thursday each week. Please read with them regularly and remember to sign the reading diary at least twice a week.


Remember to do lots of Maths and Literacy around the home and out and about, e.g.

- We have 7 people for dinner, and I only have 3 forks here. How many more will you need to get out?

- What numbers can you see on the bus? Is it a bigger or smaller number than our door number?

- What place names can you see on that sign? Should we turn left or right?

- I have put 8 grapes and 2 tangerines into my packed lunch box. How many pieces of fruit do I have altogether?

- What digraphs can you see in the name of this road?


Literacy 1
Literacy 2
Literacy 3
Literacy 4
Literacy 5
Literacy 6
We have started thinking about buses in Literacy.  First we collected everything we know about buses.  Listen out for the bus-related adventures that will be happening soon!
We have been sorting objects  in Maths.  We tried to think about different ways of sorting.  Can you guess how each group has chosen to sort their objects?

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