Year 1

There are lots of fun and different ways to get your kids spelling and writing.


In a tray with a light layer of table salt/flour/sand/sugar they can use their finger to form the letters and spell a word.


To make it even more interesting, place different coloured sheets of paper underneath and see what colour they will reveal!


A fun way of helping your child to read is to write a set of words on white paper using a white crayon. Your child can then use watercolour paint over the top to magically reveal the words! As they reveal each word they can read the word to you. Repeat any words they are struggling to read several times until they recognise it.



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Helping your child at home:

Learning does not end at the same time as the school day; the children continue to learn everywhere they go! 


You can particularly help your child at home in many ways. Technology is great for this. We have listed some tried and tested Apps below that will work on mobiles and tablets. Explore and give them a go!

  • Collins Big Cat Stories (EY/KS1 books - 8 separate apps available)
  • Little Star Story Creator (for making digital books)
  • Math Learning Center (8 separate apps available) 
  • Lego Movie Maker (stop motion animation using Lego)
  • Epic! Books (an e-book library)
  • Prodigy (Maths games and challenges - requires signing up)
  • Writing Wizard (free and paid versions)
  • Sentence Builder Master
  • A+ Spelling Bee English Words


When last checked these apps were free to use - this may be subject to change. Take care to check for in app purchases and avoid any spending issues!


Year 1 children will be set homework on Mathletics every Thursday which must be finished by the following Tuesday. The children have their own personal account and their username and password has been sent home. If you need a replacement please request one from your child's teacher.



Please make sure you read with your child at home every day. The first and most important skill children need for learning is to be able to read. We will send 3 books home in the children's reading folders twice a week. The two colour band books are for your child to read to you. The third book is for you to read to your child to encourage enjoyment in reading and listening. Your child's reading record must be signed so that the adults can change their books. 

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Please take a look at the document below to find out what your child is expected to know by the end of Year 1

Year 1 New Curriculum Overview

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