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Who's Who

Senior Staff and Admin


Mr. Ian Redgrave        -        Head Teacher

Mrs. Karen Swain        -        Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs. Fiona Nichols      -        Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Miss Amanda Boyd     -        Early Years Foundation Stage Lead

Mrs. Sue Livett            -        Writing Lead

Mrs. Dawn Jones         -        Mathematics Lead

Mrs. Emel Ibrahim       -        Reading Key Stage 2 Lead

Miss Jo Hervey            -        Reading Early Years and Key Stage 1 Lead


Mrs. Sue MacAskill      -        School Business Manager

Mrs. Debra Man          -        Finance Officer

Mrs. Elaine Smith        -         Support Services Manager

Year Group Leaders


Mrs. Natalie Shead         -      Early Years Foundation Stage

Miss Jess Williams           -     Year 1

Mrs. Elizabeth Hallett      -     Year 2

Miss Romina Gonnella    -     Year 3

Mrs. Barbara Wilkin         -     Year 4

Mrs. Elizabeth Watson    -      Year 5

Mrs. Christine Cutts          -    Year 6



  • Marian Vian Primary School
  • ‘Member of Compass Academy Trust - A company limited by guarantee
  • Registered in England: Company Number 9323096
  • Registered Office: Oak Lodge Primary School,
  • Chamberlain Crescent,
  • West Wickham, Kent,
  • BR4 0LJ